You, Too, Can Date an Underwear Model!

If there was ever a relationship that gave hope to the masses (apart from Julia Roberts dating what looked to be a troll doll when she married Lyle Lovett), it’s this one: Julia Stegnar, Victoria’s Secret lingerie model extraordinaire, and her photographer boyfriend, Steven Pan.

74091-d47eb-18018124-This odd relationship is living, breathing, 98.6-degree proof that it really doesn’t matter where you’re from or how you look. I can admit that Steven is a little on the adorable side, but there’s not really much about him that makes me scream, “Oh my! He should totally have a lingerie model for his girlfriend!”

I bet he’s just a great guy.

This is truly one of those situations where the tall, blond, European supermodel could have ANYBODY. I mean, she’s so hot she could have reincarnated dead people if she wanted them. And yet…she chose the Asian guy with the camera.

(Let me apologize now for furthering the stereotype of Asian people and their cameras…my bad.)

So what exactly happened that let the stars line up for Steven Pan? Nothing. He seems like a really cool guy and he happens to be a pretty talented artist. He just asked her out (or maybe she asked him out…this is 2013), and now they’re a couple. That’s it. Mystery solved.

Oh, we can speculate all we want to. Right off the bat, someone’s gonna say that she only likes his money, or that she “got tired of seeing nothing but beautiful people all day and just wanted someone who looked normal.” Bite me. She’s cute, he’s cute, they’re in love. That’s all there is to say about it.

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