WOW! What Does She SEE in Him?

So were still doing that thing where two guys or two girls will look at an Asian-white couple and think the same thing: “He must have really played his cards right to win her,” and “What does she see in him?”

The staff of took to the streets to find out. Okay, I lied, we Googled it. Okay, I lied again, we found this forum where white girls were dishing about why they date or marry Asian guys. The answers ran the gamut from the completely superficial (“I like how his chest is all smooth and I can lick his nipples without getting all this hair in my mouth.”) to the really important (“Asian guys just have a strong sense of striving to be their best, and they treat their mothers well which means they’ll treat their girlfriends and wives well.”) But wherever the information came from, it was pretty poignant, profound stuff. Okay, well not the nipple licking thing, but the rest of it.

Some of my favorite reasons girls gave for dating their boys were things like height compatibility, even more skin smoothness, intelligence, income potential, killer dance moves, and–of course–plain old fashioned hotness.

But looking through the form answers, there was something missing. Sure, these were all people who dated Asian guys. Some of them intentionally were only attracted to Asian men, others just kind of looked around and noticed, “Hey, I date a crazy amount of Asian guys, I wonder if this is a thing with me?” But no one said, “You know why I date Asian guys? Because we’re both homo sapiens.”

It’s almost like we have to justify the situation when any little thing looks out of place, like we have to explain why the red-haired girl is with that Korean guy. We don’t! We can date whomever we want! You’re not the boss of me! (sorry, I got carried away) We’re all people, we’re attracted to who we’re attracted to, and honestly, there are a seriously huge number of girls who proudly date Asian guys, so go out there and get you your perfect match.

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    Holaaa soy andrea tengo 19 años amante al chocolate .

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