William Hung and new hot blonde girlfriend Ms. Swisston

Miss "Swisston" and William Hung

Miss "Swisston" and William Hung

Originally discovered on American Idol with his ridiculously bad audition, Hung leveraged his extreme Asian stereotype features to achieve a rare level of fame for most average American Asians:

American Idol Asian sensation William Hung with white girls

Hung on American Idol:

Post Idol fame, William Hung has appeared in commercials for various companies including Cingular wireless (now AT&T) and signed a contract with a $25,000 advance. Leveraging his fame and stereotype for good fortune Hung has actually made a name for himself.

Some Asians argue that Hung gained notoriety because of his extreme features such as nerdiness, buck teeth, rigid movements and overall FOB (Fresh off boat) Asian stereotype. Despite these criticisms, Hung maintains a healthy disregard for haters, stating, “I believe it’s my attitude and charisma, I tell people constantly, media, every where I go, just never give up on your dream.” Maybe he’s not such a disgrace after all? You decide.
Way to talk away from the hot blonde girl William!

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