Where Do White Girls go to Find Some Online Lovin’?

Thank you, ElvishDating.com.

Thank you, ElvishDating.com.

Okay, this site is all about breaking down the racial barriers when it comes to dating, specifically when it comes to Asian guys dating white girl. In case that wasn’t very clear to you when you accidentally clicked on something that landed you here, it IS called White Girls with Asian Guys… dot com. And we really mean it. Yes, for reals.

But the fact that this is a website got me thinking about all the different ways that different kinds of people can meet online. There are dating sites that are really specific to certain races, certain religions, even specific to your sexual orientation. Hell, there is seriously a dating site devoted to farmers. Yes, farmers who want to find love and the women who want to breed with them. I mean, marry them. The REALLY funny thing is there’s a farmer dating site, but then there is also a cowboy dating site. Because those two things are so completely different, you know. (I completely lied to you…there’s not A cowboy dating site, there are at least TEN different cowboy dating sites.

I refuse to laugh at the geriatric dating site, Senior People Meet, because a) I’m not that far away from needing it myself and b) kudos to any old people who can work a computer successfully enough to meet their latest soul mate on the internet.

But sadly, I couldn’t find a WhiteGirlLove dating site. I was sad about this for about three minutes, then I realized that basically all of your standard dating sites have been taken over by white girls, so we really don’t have that much to complain about. It’s not like every other site out there doesn’t have specific commercials with really adorable all-white couples, smiling and hugging and picking out wallpaper together for what we’re supposed to think is their new love nest (yeah right, be honest…his mom has him so hen-pecked he’s picking out wallpaper for her new kitchen, but the girl paid her membership fee through the end of the year so she’s pretending that she’s excited about this “date” to the Home Depot….no, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?)

Luckily, it’s not just the internet that’s full of cute guys and adorable girls who are looking for love. There’s some hottie action happening at your local Whole Foods, too. Hint: look for the girls who know which one’s the bok choy in the produce section…she’s into Asian.






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