The Sexy Maggie Quigley

Maggie Q

Maggie Quagley the Half Asian Star

Date of Birth December 27, 1974

Dad is American with Irish-Polish-French descent and mother was Vietnamese

Culture Vietnamese-American
Claim to Fame Was scouted by Jakie Chan
Skills Actor, Model

The female star of the TV show Nikata, Maggie Q appeals to a broad range of audiences with her unique look. Her dad is an American of Irish-Polish-French descent and her mother is Vietnamese. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and won the title of “Best bod” her senior year of high school.  She started off her career modeling in Japan, Tapai and Hong Kong at the age of 17 with virtually no money in her pocket.

Maggie Quagley in sexy lingerie

Her big break came in Hong Kong when Jackie Chan selected her to be a potential action star. Even though she was an athlete in high school she never had any martial arts experience in her life even though she is half Asian. In an interview with collider online magazine she states “I’m half Asian, so people immediately go, “Oh, you do Kung fu,” Like that’s what we do. We wake up, we do kung fu, we brush our teeth.” That is a typical stereotype for Asian people but she still had to work hard to learn martial arts and the high pace movie industry.

Maggie Quagley with a sword

With her intensive training with Jackie Chan and unique half Asian look, Maggie Q  has landed roles in major TV shows and Movies. She has co-starred next to Tom Cruise, Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan and Bruce Willis just to name a few.

Not only has she been that Asan girl in movies she has dated some of the top Asian male stars including Daniel Henney and Daniel Wu. To all the Asian guys, don’t be discourage there is still a chance for you to meet and date her.

Here is a list of movies and pictures you may have seen her in. Notice how she isn’t fully white nor Asian but the perfect mix of both sexiness of race. Also Maggie Q has a large tattoo of a phoenix on her left leg.

Rush Hour 2

Mission Impossible III

Maggie Quigley in Mission Impossible III starring Tom Cruise

Maggie Quigley in Mission Impossible III

Maggie Quigley in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise

Maggie Quigley in Mission Impossible III with a Red Dress

Live Free or Die Hard

Maggie Quagley in Live Free or Die Hard

Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury movie image of Maggie Q

Maggie Q, Dan Fogler and George Lopez at the Los Angeles Premier of Balls of Fury


Maggie Quagley in Deception with Ewan McGregor

Maggie Quagley in Deception


Maggie Quagley in the movie Priest


Nikita starring Maggie Quagley promotion pictures with a gun


Nikita starring Maggie Quagley 2

Maggie Quagley in a red bikini

Maggie Quagley as NIKATA

More Photos

Maggie Quagley Modeling

Maggie Q 7

Maggie Quagley 6

Maggie Quigley 7

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