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WOW! What Does She SEE in Him?

So were still doing that thing where two guys or two girls will look at an Asian-white couple and think the same thing: “He must have really played his cards right to win her,” and “What does she see in him?” The staff of WhiteGirlsWithAsianGuys.com took to the streets to find out. Okay, I lied, […]

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It’s About Time! Hollywood Movies Embrace Normal Asian Guys with White Girls

There’s this really funny thing that happened, but it’s one of those “funny in retrospect” kind of things. I think it’s one of those really offensive things you know deep down you shouldn’t be laughing at, but I also know that it was too shocking at the time not to laugh at it. I’m sitting […]

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The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done, Part Two

Last week, we posted an update to the post about our awesome dating guru, JT Tran, aka The Asian Playboy. For those of you who don’t know (or who didn’t bother to read Part One of this post…yeah, we’re totally not judging you), he goes around the country and offers these really killer weekend seminars […]

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The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done – Part One

You guys have to see this.  J.T. Tran, AKA Asian Playboy, was featured on ABC Nightline. The camera crew followed him and his students in a training session and a night out, practicing their game. As Ronald correctly notes, too many Asian guys stay within their comforting Asian circles and seldom venture out. First, I’m […]

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Tokyo Drift: He’s Dating WHO?

It’s a really long swim from Peru to Japan. Good thing Nathalie Kelley probably took a plane. That’s the only way DK’s girlfriend could have survived the trip and made it to Tokyo in time to meet up with the hottie drift racer, setting the stage for DK to hate on Sean later for talking […]

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