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Hot Asian Versus Nerdy Asian: Who Gets The Girl?

It seems like every time some ugly stereotype breaks down, another one hops up to take its place. Just as we’re finally living in an age where racial stereotypes are coming down and people are at least acting like they’re smarter than that (if they aren’t actually really, really smarter than that), some things never […]

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The Last Magazine, Derek Lam and Kanon Organic Vodka Private Dinner

You, Too, Can Date an Underwear Model!

If there was ever a relationship that gave hope to the masses (apart from Julia Roberts dating what looked to be a troll doll when she married Lyle Lovett), it’s this one: Julia Stegnar, Victoria’s Secret lingerie model extraordinaire, and her photographer boyfriend, Steven Pan. This odd relationship is living, breathing, 98.6-degree proof that it […]

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