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Betcha Didn’t Know These Guys Are Asian

It’s basically a known fact that once you become a celebrity, people are going to dig through your trash cans at night while you sleep. If you’re really, really lucky, those people will just be deranged stalker fans who want to wear your discarded Q-tips like a tribal finger bone necklace, at least until they […]

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There Are Plenty of Hotties to Go Around

I totally knew better than to read some of the dating threads on Yelp, but like a mosquito lured to its really blazey death by the beautiful glow of a bug zapper outside a single-wide trailer, I couldn’t help it. I tried to look away, but I was mesmerized by the sheer stupidity and lack […]

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The Worst Anti-Asian Book Ever Vomitted onto Paper

THIS, my dear friends, is a real book, and it kind of sums up everything that is wrong with the world. I’m pretty sure this book is the cause of global warming, swine flu, and the death of my dog last year. For those of you who aren’t quite fluent in Japanese yet, the title […]

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How Much Asian Is Asian?

Reiko Aylesworth is an American actress of Dutch, Welsh, and Japanese descent. You might remember her as Tony’s wife Michelle on the TV show 24, or perhaps you have seen her more recently on the TV show Damages. You probably did not see her in her nearly naked glory in the movie The Killing Floor, […]

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Peter Chao and His Hot Girlfriend Get Really Nasty

THIS is true love. The absolute best thing about this video of Peter Chao and his stunning girlfriend is the sheer volume of really nasty suggestive things they say to each other by mistake: “This feels like mayonnaise on your face.” “Your hands are so pasty.” “That feels so wet.” “Make sure it’s flat when […]

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