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For a long time out of college... I secretly knew I loved white girls... but I had NO IDEA how to attract them.

So I lied to myself, and pretended to like Asian girls, and lie to my friends, betraying what I truly wanted and hiding in this glass facade. Eventually, on my 23rd birthday, my frustrations boiled over and I hit my limits. I cracked. I was tired of living a false life.

I went on a journey to become good with women, including white girls I failed for 2-3 years before I found a light in the tunnel. I hung out with Asian guys who were good with girls. I tested thousands of approaches and trying to talk to girls. I've dated and broke up with dozens of white girls

Eventually, I figured out a systematic formula for dating hot white girls.
Yes, I'm talking about 9s or 9.5s caliber of white girls.

After stumbling over the breakthrough approach of becoming an Asian Rockstar, I was able to distill this information into a video series called Asian Rockstar Dating.