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Okay, you don't have to go this far with the self-improvement...

Okay, you don’t have to go this far with the self-improvement…

So, last week we looked at why PUAs (pick up artists) are successfully able to navigate the treacherous world of white girl dating. They’re not fakes, but they’ve done all they can to make themselves appealing, in looks, intelligence, wit, even their stance on whether or not boiling live puppies is good or bad. (Dating tip: it’s bad.) But if you’re trying to release your inner-PUA and get down with the girls, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you have to figure out your strategy, and the first step in doing that is knowing what the heck you want to do. you wouldn’t go fishing without bait, right? So why go to a club or social event without something to appeal to ladies? Part of your appeal is knowing why you’re even trying to improve yourself. Why do you want to succeed, and how committed are you? Is it because you want to improve your success with the opposite sex? Have more friends?  Be the center of attention? Learn how to date white girls? Not be lonely? (HINT: This one is a really lousy reason for dating someone…get a cat if that’s the only reason you’re bettering yourself.) Whatever it is, you must figure out why you want to improve.

Here’s what my friend told me when I posed this question over drinks one day: “My goal in learning to succeed with not only white girls but with girls in general was to have the ability to approach any women I find attractive in any situation without having any fear. I have come a long way and have reached a level where I actually exceeded my goals, but that doesn’t stop me. I am always improving and pushing myself to be an attractive male. It’s a process, not something you reach. My new mission is to help guys and girls alike to know more about interracial dating and help fellow Asian guys date more girls and white girls.”

This whole site came together because that friend absolutely found out that making himself into a better person–notice I didn’t say snot-nose who drives an overcompensate-mobile, but a better human being in looks, attitude, smarts, employment, everything–translated directly into making him more attractive to the kinds of girls he wanted to date. It’s awesome of him to throw all of his advice together into this site, thus proving what a giver he is. Total package time, people.

So take notes, browse this site, and remember…there’s a bad-ass PUA inside of you just waiting to get out.

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