Korean Explosion in Video Music Video History

No, it’s not Open Condom Style, although it sounds similar. The unlikely Korean Pop Singer PSY has made a LMFAO-like appearance on the international stage, fueled by the unprecedented rise in internet usage and viral video sharing. Even MTV honored him with an appearance in the 2012 MTV Music awards.


Hyuna, the girl in the video, is presumed by many to be one hot Asian chick. Although, yours truly’s ex GF looked exactly like her and I was fine with it – nothing special 😉

Ironically, the video first incurred reactions of confusion and anger, and then later racial stereotypes of Asian people. When viewed more and more, introspection about questions like, “What is Gangnam style?” and “Where’s Gangname?”, or “How come Korean girls look so pretty?” come into light.

Hyuna performs Gangnam Style

Original Gangnam Style by PSY

Anyway here are the videos and I know you wanted to see pictures of Hyuna. You perverts.


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