Gackt Camui and The Gazette

Although my blog is about Asian guys and white girls and there aren’t exactly a lot of (natural) blondes in Japan, I want to take a moment and honor the Japanese rock artists. Not only is their music bad-ass, notice how their styles transcend their Asian heritage.

The Gazette

The Gazette

Gackt is most often seen with color contacts, and the members of The Gazette are simply “out there”. In a good way, they understand the concept of artistic branding and playing character roles.

In the states, Asian guys do not have a lot of SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE role models to look up to, or style avatars to copy. The Japanese rocker style isn’t a bad avatar, and there is a reason why they are so popular back home.

Gackt Camui

Gackt Camui: usually referred to by his stage name, Gackt. Formerly of the now defunct Malice Mizer, he became a solo artist, rising to the top of the Oricon charts with his good looks and musical talent.


The Gazette: The Japanese Guns and Roses (except, they have stayed together despite changing record companies numerous times over the years). They have an eclectic and strange style.

Gazette – Guren PV

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