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More PUA Badness

So, last week we looked at why PUAs (pick up artists) are successfully able to navigate the treacherous world of white girl dating. They’re not fakes, but they’ve done all they can to make themselves appealing, in looks, intelligence, wit, even their stance on whether or not boiling live puppies is good or bad. (Dating […]

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Tokyo Drift: He’s Dating WHO?

It’s a really long swim from Peru to Japan. Good thing Nathalie Kelley probably took a plane. That’s the only way DK’s girlfriend could have survived the trip and made it to Tokyo in time to meet up with the hottie drift racer, setting the stage for DK to hate on Sean later for talking […]

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What is that guy on the left doing? Is he supposed to be throwing a gang sign?

There Aren’t Enough Asian Boy Bands in My Life

You’re going to watch this video and you’re going to like it. I swear, it has it all. It’s got pop stars, killer synchronized dance moves, and a metal band, all rolled into one performance. Watch. Just…watch. Okay, full disclosure. There’s about 1/8th of my brain that thinks Asian boy bands are completely hot, and […]

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Cole Horibe – So You Think You Can Dance?

Hailing from Honolulu, Cole Horibe is of Asian descent and a contestant on Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance? Not only is he blessed with chiseled looks, he’s talented as hell. Combining his martial arts training with different dance styles, his uniqueness landed up in the finals on the competition. If you […]

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Linsanity! The Asian Sensation Jeremy Lin

What do you think about your Asian classmates or friends? You may say they are good at Math. Being good at Math is one of the racial stereotypes about the Asians among others. Some say they are shy, reserved or cute. You may think that the comment, ‘good at Math’ is a complement for the […]

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