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G-Dragon and the K-Pop Movement

It started out in the early 2000 with Taiwanese stars like Jay Chou and Will Pan. Then J-Pop and J-Rock took their time in the spotlight with bands like Luna Sea, The Gazette, and UVERworld. Now, in 2014, it looks like the K-Pop sensation is taking over. A crescendo has been building with Psy’s Gangnan […]

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Betcha Didn’t Know These Guys Are Asian

It’s basically a known fact that once you become a celebrity, people are going to dig through your trash cans at night while you sleep. If you’re really, really lucky, those people will just be deranged stalker fans who want to wear your discarded Q-tips like a tribal finger bone necklace, at least until they […]

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You Can Do It, Harold! We’re All Behind You!

It’s time to change the world! Get your capes and superhero masks! We’re goin’ on a CRUSADE, people! Two of my favorite humans on the planet have got to be Harold and Kumar (this is not the appropriate place to mention that they are not, in fact, real people…do not take this from me). They […]

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What is that guy on the left doing? Is he supposed to be throwing a gang sign?

There Aren’t Enough Asian Boy Bands in My Life

You’re going to watch this video and you’re going to like it. I swear, it has it all. It’s got pop stars, killer synchronized dance moves, and a metal band, all rolled into one performance. Watch. Just…watch. Okay, full disclosure. There’s about 1/8th of my brain that thinks Asian boy bands are completely hot, and […]

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Korean Explosion in Video Music Video History

No, it’s not Open Condom Style, although it sounds similar. The unlikely Korean Pop Singer PSY has made a LMFAO-like appearance on the international stage, fueled by the unprecedented rise in internet usage and viral video sharing. Even MTV honored him with an appearance in the 2012 MTV Music awards. Hyuna, the girl in the video, is presumed by […]

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