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How Much Asian Is Asian?

Reiko Aylesworth is an American actress of Dutch, Welsh, and Japanese descent. You might remember her as Tony’s wife Michelle on the TV show 24, or perhaps you have seen her more recently on the TV show Damages. You probably did not see her in her nearly naked glory in the movie The Killing Floor, […]

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The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done – Part One

You guys have to see this.  J.T. Tran, AKA Asian Playboy, was featured on ABC Nightline. The camera crew followed him and his students in a training session and a night out, practicing their game. As Ronald correctly notes, too many Asian guys stay within their comforting Asian circles and seldom venture out. First, I’m […]

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Tokyo Drift: He’s Dating WHO?

It’s a really long swim from Peru to Japan. Good thing Nathalie Kelley probably took a plane. That’s the only way DK’s girlfriend could have survived the trip and made it to Tokyo in time to meet up with the hottie drift racer, setting the stage for DK to hate on Sean later for talking […]

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Airline II

C’mon, Seriously? What’s an Asian Guy Gotta Do to Get a Break?!

Hi Folks. How you doing? Is Sum Ting Wong today? So, before we get all “it’s the 21st century, we’re all equals now!” and start acting like people’s views are all normal, take a look at this. Yup. This just happened, on real live television and everything: Okay, lady, you HAVE to have gone to […]

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Korean Explosion in Video Music Video History

No, it’s not Open Condom Style, although it sounds similar. The unlikely Korean Pop Singer PSY has made a LMFAO-like appearance on the international stage, fueled by the unprecedented rise in internet usage and viral video sharing. Even MTV honored him with an appearance in the 2012 MTV Music awards. Hyuna, the girl in the video, is presumed by […]

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