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Where Do White Girls go to Find Some Online Lovin’?

Okay, this site is all about breaking down the racial barriers when it comes to dating, specifically when it comes to Asian guys dating white girl. In case that wasn’t very clear to you when you accidentally clicked on something that landed you here, it IS called White Girls with Asian Guys… dot com. And […]

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Hot Asian Versus Nerdy Asian: Who Gets The Girl?

It seems like every time some ugly stereotype breaks down, another one hops up to take its place. Just as we’re finally living in an age where racial stereotypes are coming down and people are at least acting like they’re smarter than that (if they aren’t actually really, really smarter than that), some things never […]

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It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til Your Girlfriend Finds Out You Cheated

Here’s an awesome video that breaks about ninety-three different stereotypes about Asian couples, then tosses them out on the street. Kind of like this girl’s about to do to this guy. I want to dissect the video a good bit. Now, first, I have to admit that I don’t have a clue what they’re talking […]

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WOW! What Does She SEE in Him?

So were still doing that thing where two guys or two girls will look at an Asian-white couple and think the same thing: “He must have really played his cards right to win her,” and “What does she see in him?” The staff of took to the streets to find out. Okay, I lied, […]

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It’s About Time! Hollywood Movies Embrace Normal Asian Guys with White Girls

There’s this really funny thing that happened, but it’s one of those “funny in retrospect” kind of things. I think it’s one of those really offensive things you know deep down you shouldn’t be laughing at, but I also know that it was too shocking at the time not to laugh at it. I’m sitting […]

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